Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is based on the most innovative technologies that allow unlimited number of machines to act as one system.

The Cloud gives higher performance, increased uptime and better flexibility than legacy hosting solutions. Moreover the service is being more cost-effective than traditional. We provide high-quality, high-availability Cloud hosting services throughout the world.

From servers and switches to power strips and cables, every piece of equipment in our data centers is tuned to give you the highest performing cloud computing experience with unparalleled network capabilities. Every facet of our cloud infrastructure including dedicated servers, virtual server is, and all of our other services isnot just automated, its integrated and managed by a single management system for a level of automation no one else in the industry can touch. This quite literally gives you total control of every aspect of your cloud environment via Customer Portal, API, or mobile apps.

With total access to your entire cloud environment at Ycosa limited, you will be able to:

We offer you the flexibility to create a virtual server customized to the most granular level by controlling the ratio of resources your application needs independent of each other.

Maybe you want to use your virtual server as a Web server. We give you the freedom to load it up with RAM and cores but no storage. Or, if you just want your server to act as quick access storage, you can go bare bones on RAM and cores and load it up with storage.

That means you will never have to pay for pre-configured cloud servers with resources you donot want. Combine that with utility billing, and you are truly only paying for what you need.

Beyond complete resource customization options, you will get to:

Cloud computing is redefining the IT world in every possible way. The enterprises are moving towards delivering IT as a service concept and cloud is the new delivery paradigm. It might be a private cloud accessible only within the enterprise, the public cloud provided by an external vendor or a hybrid enterprise cloud that is a mix of both. It is making enterprises relook their infrastructure planning, refresh cycles, investments and IT Infrastructure Management delivery mechanism in a completely different and business driven way. See more at:

Ycosa Limited Cloud Computing Services portfolio includes: